Johannes Mazkour



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Client: Netflix
Title: Netflix Miles – Your eyes can take you far.
Format: Product Innovation/ Integrated Campaign
Date: March 2022


Role: Concept, Art Direction, Design
Agency: Student Project

Credits: Amilcar Silarsah (CW)
Credits: Alexandra Vidodo (AD)
Credits: Johannes Mazkour (AD)

Creative Direction: Georgios Kouveliotis
Creative Direction: Winfried Scheller (Senior CW)
Creative Direction: Martin Stöpel (Senior AD)

To give the Brits the extra nudge they need to burst their comfort bubble and discover foreign language shows, Netflix uses travel rewards and creates Netflix Miles.


UK consumer appetite for non-English language titles has historically been low.



Despite their lack of exploration on the streaming platform, Britons have an intrinsic passion for travel. For years, the British have led global tourism ahead of other nationalities.



Netflix creates a Miles Program and uses travel rewards to give the Brits the extra nudge they need to burst their bubble.


How it Works:

Viewers in the UK earn miles when they watch foreign language content. And these miles convert into discounts when they buy traveling tickets.

The Netflix home page integrates the miles category into the CI. The number of miles is displayed for every foreign-language title, incentivizing viewers to click and watch. The farther the country of origin of the film or show, the more miles they gain from watching it. Viewers can track their progression. 

…and to launch this feature, we create ads that look like any other cheesy travel ad.