Johannes Mazkour



Work/ Designs




Client: Lemonaid
Title: Amtlich Was Kippen*
Format: Branding Campaign/ Pr – Stunt
Date: September 2022


Role: Concept
Agency: Jung v Matt Saga

Credits: Winfried Scheller (Senior CW)
Credits: Martin Stöpel (Senior AD)
Credits: Johannes Mazkour (AD)

This time Lemonaid does “more charity than the state permits” and is once again involved in a ridiculous
case with the German government.


The social enterprise LEMONAID is threatened with millions in back taxes because, according to the Hamburg tax office, it donates too much to social projects.

The problem here is paragraph 10b of the Income Tax Act (EStG), according to which enterprises in Germany are not allowed to donate more than 0.4% of their turnover.



To overturn this very law!

In order to achieve this, we are launching a petition to change this law. With 50,000 supporters, the Bundestag will have to deal with this petition.

To draw attention to the petition, we are putting stickers on our bottles with the attention-grabbing campaign slogan “Amtlich was kippen”and the call to sign the petition.

Furthermore, as a PR stunt and big bang, we publish a fake dub video of Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz and former mayor of Hamburg – in which he supports our case and thus continue to loudly draw attention to our new bottles and the case.


*The tagline “Amtlich was kippen” is based on a play on words. In German, the same word (“kippen”) is used for ” tilting” a bottle when drinking and for overturning a law, namely “kippen”. Thus, when tilting the bottle while drinking, the law is also metaphorically “gekippt” overturned.